Lanap Laser Treatment

Reasons for LANAP Laser Treatment

Our office is proud to offer a no cut, no sew treatment for periodontal disease. Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP ) is a no cut Laser based treatment of periodontal and gum disease. LANAP laser treatment is the ONLY FDA cleared periodontal laser treatment. It is also supported by scientific and human histolical research. LANAP laser treatment is an alternative to “traditional surgery” used to treat periodontal disease. The laser uses a pulse technology with a wavelength that targets and removes only the damaged tissue in the mouth. The procedure only requires local anesthetic to treat the minor discomfort, and in most cases, patients experience little to no pain post procedure. The full mouth procedure is typically split into two 2-hour appointments.  LANAP laser treatment has proven results, and has been in practice for over 10 years. To learn more and to see if you are a candidate for LANAP laser treatment contact Dr. Ratliff to schedule a visit. 

Process of LANAP Laser Treatment


LANAP Laser Treatment


    1. Evaluation
      • After receiving local anesthetic, Dr. Ratliff will measure the depths of your pockets using a perio probe.
    2. Removal of Infected Tissue
      • Dr. Ratliff will then use short pulses of the laser to remove ONLY bacteria, diseased tissue, and pathologic proteins around your teeth.
    3. Removal of Calculus
      • Dr. Ratliff will switch to an ultra-sonic scaler, and hand instruments to remove the calculus from the roots of your teeth.
    4. Blood Clot Formation
      • Using the Laser, Dr. Ratliff will clot the gum tissue around your teeth.
    5. Tissue Compression
      • The gum tissue is then compressed against the root of your teeth and a clot forms at the gum line.
    6. Bite Adjustment
      • Dr. Ratliff will measure your bite to ensure a proper fit of your teeth and make any necessary adjustments.
Benefits of LANAP Laser Treatment
  • 98% of LANAP cases remain stable after 5 years!
  • In some cases LANAP laser treatment has stimulated bone regrowth.
  • There is no Cutting or Sutures involved in the procedure.
  • There is very little bleeding associated with the procedure.
  • Less root exposure:  The laser fiber that is inserted in-between the tooth and the gums is about the thickness of 3 human hairs minimizing exposure.
  • Minimal recovery time: Most patients are able to go directly back to work following the procedure.
  • Virtually painless: Most patients experience little to no pain following treatment. Of the Patients experiencing pain simple Ibuprofen is recommended.
  • Only removes the damaged tissue: The LANAP technology uses as highly specific wavelength that targets and removes ONLY the damaged tissue.
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