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About Pure Perio

Pure Perio is located in the heart of Glenview, a few short blocks from the train station. As a forward-thinking practice, we have state-of-the-art equipment utilizing the latest dental technologies and techniques. We practice the highest infection control protocols to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
At Pure Perio, a healthy smile is the foundation of your overall health and well-being. Our periodontal treatments can help prevent tooth loss, improve gum health, and boost confidence.
You will also see pink accents in our office and in our logo. It is how we celebrate the color of healthy gums!

Dr. Megan A. Ratliff

Board Certified Periodontist

What is Periodontal Disease?

Most adults will have some form of gum disease during their lifetimes. Gingivitis marks the first stage of gum disease. If allowed to progress, gingivitis can lead to more severe gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis affects the gums and the bone that support the teeth. Untreated periodontitis can lead to tooth loss and increases your risk of systemic issues including heart disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can keep you healthy and help save your teeth.

Close-up image of a person's lower half of the face, pulling down the lower lip with their right hand to reveal red, inflamed gums, indicating possible gum disease.

Periodontal Therapies & Services

Illustration of periodontal therapy, showing a close-up view of a dental scaler removing plaque and tartar from the teeth at the gum line, which are depicted with a slight gingival inflammation.

While there is no cure for periodontal disease, it can be treated and maintained non surgically and surgically. Some treatments include scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, and perio-maintenance. Learn more more about our periodontal treatment options.

Graphic representation of dental implant services, featuring a lower jaw gum model with one tooth missing, and a dental implant being placed into the jawbone with a highlighted section showing the implant's structure.

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Implants offer improved appearance, long-lasting teeth, and enhanced comfort over other options. Learn more to see if implants are right for you.

Digital illustration of laser therapy being applied to gums, showing a hand-held dental laser with a glowing tip directed towards the inflamed gum area between two upper teeth.

Laser therapy provides a no cut no sew alternative to traditional gum surgeries. Lasers can also aid in tissue regeneration. Learn more about laser therapy and the LANAP and LAPIP procedures.

A 3D illustration of recession therapy, showing dental instruments adjusting a pink gum graft in place over an exposed tooth root for gum recession treatment.

Gum recession exposes the roots of teeth and can lead to sensitivity and decay. It also affects the aesthetics of your smile. Gum grafting is a procedure that regenerates lost gum tissue and in some cases covers exposed roots. Learn more about the surgical techniques used to treat recession.

Photograph of a 3D printed model of a human skull with the lower jaw exposed, displaying a full set of teeth, used to demonstrate various specialty dental services.

As a full service periodontal practice, Pure Perio utilizes the latest dental technologies, imaging, and surgical techniques allowing for the best patient care and customized treatments including hard tissue preservation, aesthetics, and regenerative services. Learn more about the specialty services offered.

A photo of a no seed glass of strawberry banana smoothie next to two whole bananas and a white napkin, representing nutritious and soft food options for post-operative dental care.

Proper post-operative care is crucial for healing and recovery after oral surgery. Be sure to follow all instructions, and attend post operative appointments. With proper after care procedures, we can ensure smooth and comfortable healing. Learn more about procedure specific instructions.

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Let's collaborate for comprehensive patient care. Refer periodontal patients to Pure Perio for advanced diagnostics, precision treatment planning, and the latest regenerative therapies. Our periodontal team will seamlessly coordinate to restore optimal gum health and esthetic outcomes.

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