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Pure Perio is a fee for service practice, and requires payment in full for services that are rendered at each appointment. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master-Card, Discover, and Care Credit.

Care Credit is a health & wellness deferred interest credit card. It can be used for most medical/dental/veterinary expenses. For more information visit, or call our office to learn more.


We are considered an “Out of Network” provider for all insurance companies.

While we are not contracted with any insurance company, as a courtesy to our dental insurance carrying patients we submit insurance claims providing all necessary supporting information. We assign the benefits directly to you as the patient, and your insurance provider will reimburse you directly. Dr Ratliff and our staff treat you based on your specific needs and what will yield the best possible result for your unique situation-- not based on the limitations of your dental insurance plan.

Dental benefit plans are designed to pay for only some of the costs of dental treatment. They differ from medical insurance in several ways including having an annual maximum. The annual maximum is the total dollar amount your dental plan will pay for the given year regardless of the provider you see. This normally ranges anywhere from $1000-$2500.

So, for an example, if your annual maximum is $1000 and you see your general dentist for a cleaning and exam for $250 then they refer you to our office for treatment; you arrive in our office with a remaining benefit balance of $750. Assuming your necessary recommended treatment total is $5000, and it is a covered service in your plan; your total dental benefit would be a maximum of $750-- even if your plan covers the services at 80%.

While all our fees are the responsibility of our patients, we will do our best to ensure the proper information is provided to settle your claim. Should you have questions regarding our insurance policy or settling an outstanding claim, please give our office a call.

Periodontal Therapies & Services

Periodontal Therapy

While there is no cure for periodontal disease, it can be treated surgically and maintained non surgically. Some treatments include scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, and perio-maintenance. Learn more more about our periodontal treatment options.

Implant Services

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Implants offer improved appearance, long-lasting teeth, and enhanced comfort over other options. Learn more to see if implants are right for you.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy provides a no cut no sew alternative to traditional gum surgeries. Lasers can also aid in tissue regeneration. Learn more about laser therapy and the LANAP and LAPIP procedures.

Recession Therapy

Gum recession exposes the roots of teeth and can lead to sensitivity and decay. It also affects the aesthetics of your smile. Gum grafting is a procedure that helps cover exposed roots and regenerate lost gum tissue. Learn more about the surgical techniques used to treat recession.

Specialty Services

As a full service periodontal practice, Pure Perio utilizes the latest dental technologies, imaging, and surgical techniques allowing for the best patient care and customized treatments including hard tissue preservation, aesthetics, and regenerative services. Learn more about the specialty services offered.

Post Operative Care

Proper post-operative care is crucial for healing and recovery after oral surgery. Be sure to follow all instructions, and attend post operative appointments. With proper after care procedures, we can ensure smooth and comfortable healing. Learn more about procedure specific instructions.

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Let's collaborate for comprehensive patient care. Refer periodontal patients to Pure Perio for advanced diagnostics, precision treatment planning, and the latest regenerative therapies. Our periodontal specialists will seamlessly coordinate to restore optimal gum health and esthetic outcomes.

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