Anesthetic and Oral Sedation

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At Pure Perio, we understand that for many, the prospect of dental procedures can be anxiety-inducing. That's why we ensure that your visit is not only pain-free but also entirely stress-free. Whether you opt for local anesthetic or oral sedation, you can trust our skilled and compassionate team to take exceptional care of you. We believe that every visit should be a positive one, and we are dedicated to making that a reality for you.

Oral Sedation: Anxiety-Free Dentistry

For those with dental anxiety, oral sedation can be a game-changer. Our safe and carefully administered sedation methods help you relax and stay calm throughout your visit. You can choose oral sedation for a variety of treatments, from routine cleanings to more complex dental procedures. Discover how this option can make your dental appointments as easy and stress-free as possible, allowing you to prioritize your oral health without worry.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, and take the first step towards a comfortable, worry-free dental experience. Your smile deserves nothing less.

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Local Anesthetic: Pain-Free Dentistry

Fear of pain should never deter you from maintaining your oral health. Our local anesthetic options are designed to eliminate discomfort during dental cleanings and procedures, allowing you to receive the dental care you need with absolute peace of mind. Our experienced practitioners use the latest techniques to ensure you are numb and pain-free while being in their gentle, caring hands. Say goodbye to dental anxiety and embrace a more comfortable, painless dental experience.

Topical Anesthetic: Pain-Free Treatment

Discomfort should never prevent you from receiving the dental care you need. Our topical anesthetic options eliminate sensitivity and pain during cleanings, exams, and procedures. We offer varying strengths of long-lasting topical anesthetics, allowing us to customize the numbness to your comfort level. Our skilled hygienists apply anesthetic gels and solutions using gentle techniques to keep you relaxed. You’ll be amazed at how easily and quickly we can make any area of your mouth numb before we begin. Whether you experience general discomfort or sensitivity in certain areas, topical anesthetic allows you to feel peaceful and assured while receiving treatment. Discover how we can make your dental visits pain-free so you can focus on improving your smile. We believe maintaining your oral health should be a painless, positive experience.

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Periodontal Therapies & Services

Periodontal Therapy

While there is no cure for periodontal disease, it can be treated surgically and maintained non surgically. Some treatments include scaling and root planing, osseous surgery, and perio-maintenance. Learn more more about our periodontal treatment options.

Implant Services

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Implants offer improved appearance, long-lasting teeth, and enhanced comfort over other options. Learn more to see if implants are right for you.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy provides a no cut no sew alternative to traditional gum surgeries. Lasers can also aid in tissue regeneration. Learn more about laser therapy and the LANAP and LAPIP procedures.

Recession Therapy

Gum recession exposes the roots of teeth and can lead to sensitivity and decay. It also affects the aesthetics of your smile. Gum grafting is a procedure that helps cover exposed roots and regenerate lost gum tissue. Learn more about the surgical techniques used to treat recession.

Specialty Services

As a full service periodontal practice, Pure Perio utilizes the latest dental technologies, imaging, and surgical techniques allowing for the best patient care and customized treatments including hard tissue preservation, aesthetics, and regenerative services. Learn more about the specialty services offered.

Post Operative Care

Proper post-operative care is crucial for healing and recovery after oral surgery. Be sure to follow all instructions, and attend post operative appointments. With proper after care procedures, we can ensure smooth and comfortable healing. Learn more about procedure specific instructions.

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Patient Referrals

Let's collaborate for comprehensive patient care. Refer periodontal patients to Pure Perio for advanced diagnostics, precision treatment planning, and the latest regenerative therapies. Our periodontal specialists will seamlessly coordinate to restore optimal gum health and esthetic outcomes.