Bone Grafting

Reasons for Bone Grafting

Bone grafting procedures are necessary in a variety of situations. These situations include but are not limited to, regeneration of periodontal bone loss, sinus elevations to give vertical bone height needed for implant placement, horizontal bone growth, preservation of bone following tooth extraction.

Types of Bone Grafting

Types of Bone Grafting:

  • Periodontal Bone Grafting: Periodontal bone regeneration grafting is necessary in a variety of periodontal grafting cases. Once the surgical flap has been opened bone defects are identified and the area is cleaned. Following cleaning of the area, bone particles are placed along with a membrane. Over the course of 6 months the bone graft material becomes your own bone.
  • Ridge Augmentation: Ridge Augmentation is a procedure that helps to rebuild bone in areas where bone has been lost. The loss of bone can be due to trauma, congenitally missing teeth, or tooth loss due to decay. This loss of bone can make it impossible to place dental implants. A ridge augmentation procedure is performed in order to re-grow bone to allow for implant placement. Bone growth in a horizontal direction is very predictable and was the topic of Dr. Ratliff’s thesis and masters research at the University of Lousiville.
  • Ridge Preservation: Ridge preservation is a procedure in which a tooth is removed and bone is placed into the socket. This procedure helps to reduce bone loss caused by the removal of a tooth as well prepare your bone for future implant placement. If you are considering implant placement in the future it is important to place bone at the time of tooth extraction to save further procedures in the future.
  • Sinus Lifts: A sinus lift may be necessary in order to place a dental implant in the top arch. During this procedure the sinus membrane is slightly lifted and bone graft is placed underneath. This procedure can be performed at the time of implant placement or in a separate procedure. Dr. Ratliff will determine which method will be best for you.
Benefits of Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting allows structure to be rebuilt to support existing teeth or provide a stable foundation to allow for a successful implant.

Before & After Example
bone grafting pre

Pre Surgery

bone grafing post

Post Surgery