New Patient


new patient

Dr. Ratliff always greets her patients with a smile!

At our office, patients trust us to do more than treat their complication.

They trust us to treat them right, with the utmost empathy and respect, every step of the way. Since day one, we have built relationships around a high standard of service—by answering questions, keeping patients informed, and being sensitive to each one’s health and wellness needs.

We know exactly how important your health is to you, and we want you to feel confident in the knowledge and professionalism in which we approach every case. This is backed by extensive education and experience in the industry. These things matter, especially when it pertains to complicated periodontal treatments. And they make us among the best options for the surgery needed to alleviate pain and bring about complete healing and overall wellness. When you need results without compromise and a recovery program tailored to your needs, offering you advice that is grounded in experience and knowledge, you will find them at Pure Perio.

When you step into our office, you can expect the highest level of care and respect. You can rest assured knowing that we will complete an in-depth evaluation of your dental and health history, ensuring that we assess your needs accurately and properly. From there, you can trust our team to go the extra mile to keep you as comfortable as possible; regardless the procedure you may be recommended.

We appreciate your decision to partner with our team to maintain your periodontal health. To get started, please fill out our New Patient Medical History Form



What to Expect

Your first appointment:

Dr. Ratliff and her staff will first get to know you followed by the reason you were referred. This will include reviewing your complete medical history, A comprehensive periodontal examination, and any necessary x-rays will be taken. Dr. Ratliff will then review her findings with you and answer any and all of your questions.

Your Medical History

Because of the nature of Periodontal Disease, we ask all new patients to complete a full medical history. This will allow us to best serve your individual needs. To get started complete the Medical history form by clicking on the link below.

Medical History Form 

The Periodontal Exam

A periodontal examination consists of measuring sulcus depth (the pocket or space between the top gum and the base where the tissue attaches to the bone), measuring recession, tooth movement, and a head and neck oral cancer screening. Based on the findings from your periodontal exam, medical history, and x-rays Dr. Ratliff will develop a personalized plan to treat your specific periodontal needs. Your treatment plan will include recommended periodontal maintenance as well as any necessary surgical procedures.