Pure Perio Specializes in LANAP Laser®

Less Pain. Less Discomfort.

The Laser Alternative to Gum Surgery

Call 847-724-6343 for an appointment!

“Dr. Ratliff’s patient care is fantastic 

and I truly believe she is the best

periodontist in the Chicago area!” -Rosie

Call 847-724-6343 for an appointment!

Pure Perio cares about you and

the treatment of your disease.

Call 847-724-6343 for an appointment!

Pure Perio is located at:

1775 Glenview Road, Suite 212 Glenview, Illinois.

For appointments, please call us at:

Office: 847.724.6343

Fax: 847.724.7005

The office of Dr. Megan A. Ratliff DDS, MS, is Glenview’s

premier periodontal office. Dr. Ratliff specializes in

treating all aspects of periodontal disease. Pure Perio

offers periodontal maintenance, gum grafting, bone

grafting, dental implants, tooth extractions

and Periodontal laser treatment.

Dr. Ratliff is a board certified periodontist

and welcomes new patients and referrals.