Periodontal Procedures

Periodontal disease is treated based on the patient’s individual needs. Depending on the advancement of the disease, Dr. Ratliff will discuss which periodontal procedure(s) will be the most beneficial for the patient. The treatment for periodontal disease can range from non-surgical periodontal procedures and maintenance to periodontal surgical procedures. Frequently treatment is a combination of both.

Surgical Procedures

Pure Perio specializes in Bone Grafting, Biopsies, Crown Lengthening, Dental Implants, Gum Grafting, Sinus Lifts, and LANAP® Laser Treatment. All surgical periodontal procedures performed are “out-patient”. Most patients receive only localized anesthetic and are able to drive concluding their surgery. To learn more about all of the Surgical Periodontal Procedures offered, Click on the above icon.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Pure Perio offers Non-Surgical treatment for Periodontal Disease including Radiographs, Periodontal Maintenance, Scaling/Root Planing, and Fluoride. To learn more about each of the Non-Surgical Periodontal Procedures offered, click on the above icon.

After Surgery Care

Proper After Surgery Care is essential in yielding the best possible result from your surgery. Dr. Ratliff makes specific periodontal procedure based recommendations for the day of and days following your surgery. To learn more about the After Surgery Care for your specific periodontal procedure, click on the above icon.